Protecting and preserving wealth is not the same as managing wealth. This approach distinguishes us from the market.

Wealth is as versatile and individual as the people behind it. We therefore consider it essential to view an aggregation of assets from an objective, holistic vantage point. This enables us to identify specific details, perhaps previously unrecognised, that help our clients to see and understand the big picture. With that insight, they are in a position to take the right decisions regarding their assets. As Wealth Preservation experts, this is where our competence lies.

Our aim is to lend a keen understanding of the factors that affect one's assets, as well as to shed light on the environment in which those assets are held. With that in hand, the cornerstone for a long-term legacy can be set. 

Our main services include:

  • Overall assessment and presentation of one's wealth matrix
  • Analysis of a wealth situation in its entirety
  • Conceptualization of family governance strategies
  • Intra- and extrafamilial long-term wealth planning
  • International tax and legal planning
  • Succession and inheritance planning
  • Design and structure of legal entities
  • State-of-the-art strategies and concepts for philanthropy