We at I&F Services Panama are neither lawyers nor asset managers, neither financial nor offshore advisors.

Rather we constitute a team of experienced Wealth Preservation experts with proven geopolitical insight. We focus on securing and reinforcing private assets and family values so that they can be preserved in a purposeful way for the future. In doing so, we use a number of instruments such as foundations, trusts or other legal instruments, family charters, etc. for structuring and organizing wealth. 

The world is constantly changing and the risks and threats that could harm private wealth are manifold. Therefore, private wealth requires a solid foundation so it can fulfil specific purposes and remain intact. The riskier the economic, political and social situation in a country is, or the more controversial a given family situation is, the greater is the need for measures aimed at safeguarding one's wealth. To address these issues, it takes expertise, professionalism and an understanding of geopolitical interrelationships. 

We are clearly conscious of the problems and difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, heirs and wealthy families or individuals. They perceive us as a companion who provides an unbiased, circumspect view of their wealth matrix - a view that helps them to gain farsightedness and clarity so they can take the right decisions about their assets, their familial circumstances and their entities.